Fort Lauderdale Fl Company Gives Solar Panels and New Roof to Local Man with Brain Tumor

November 13, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Kevin Harris had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery to remove the tumor he ended up losing his job so he was both out of work and without health insurance. This left Kevin in a tough spot financially and he was worrying about paying his bills when he saw that Bison Roofing and Solar had a promotion. Bison Roofing and Solar was offering to install a solar system for a community member in need so Kevin entered and the committee selected him as the recipient.

As a local business in South Florida, Bison Roofing and Solar has a goal of treating all their customers as though they were family, and always aims to have a positive impact on their community. Bison Roofing and Solar removed Kevin’s old roof, installed a new roof, installed a solar system, and replaced his electrical service. By making Kevin energy independent, he no longer has to worry about electrical bills and can instead focus on “paying medical bills and just general living expenses.”

A solar system benefits the environment by generating energy in an alternative, “green” way. The average size solar system installed by Bison Roofing and Solar reduces approximately 21,500 lbs of C02 emissions each year. That’s roughly equivalent to preventing 10,500 lbs of coal from being burned. Solar systems can also save homeowners like Kevin money because they are able to generate power so the owner no longer has to pay for electricity from their city.

Bison Roofing and Solar installs solar PV power systems, also known as a photovoltaic or PV system throughout the Fort Lauderdale FL area. A solar PV system supplies usable solar power by converting light into electricity using semiconducting materials. Having a solar system installed is a multistep process. First Bison Roofing and Solar conducts an assessment to make sure a PV solar system is the right choice for that particular home. Once that determination has been made, Bison Roofing and Solar will design a system specific to the home. They will also obtain all necessary permitting required by the homeowner’s municipality. When it comes time for installation, an electrician will install the electrical components of the system and afterwards Bison Roofing and Solar’s team of solar installers will install the solar array on the roof. This process typically takes one or two days. Once the installation is complete, Bison Roofing and Solar will send all required documentation to the homeowner’s utility company and they will in turn, switch out the old meter for a new, bi-directional meter. By installing a bidirectional meter, if the solar system creates more electricity than is needed for the home, the excess power will turn the meter backwards and is exported to the municipality’s power grid. The homeowner will then receive a credit at the full retail value that they pay for their utility electricity.

Once the new meter has been installed, Bison Roofing and Solar will come out to the home and turn on the new system. Adam Coughlin, President and CEO of Bison Roofing and Solar, came to turn on Kevin’s new solar system himself. Once the system was turned on, Adam, Kevin, and members of Bison Roofing and Solar gathered in Kevin’s backyard to drink some champagne and celebrate.

Bison Roofing and Solar has over 10 years of experience doing total roof replacements and maintain an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. The offer standing seam metal roof installation, storm damage roof inspections, tile and flat roof installation, and are a certified ShingleMaster™ installer for CertainTeed.

Bison Roofing and Solar has received many five-star reviews from satisfied customers, many of whom noted the company’s professionalism. C.E. Figueroa and his wife met with eight companies before decided on Bison Roofing and Solar and were “extremely satisfied with their performance.” Anyone interested in learning more about Bison Roofing and Solar should visit their website which includes video FAQs about solar.


For more information about Bison Roofing and Solar, contact the company here:

Bison Roofing and Solar
Bison Roofing and Solar (owner is Adam Coughlin)
4750 N Dixie Hwy suite 8-9, Oakland Park, FL 33334

ReleaseID: 60031714

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